About OCTA Events

Elevating Your Experiences Beyond Imagination

OCTA Events is a multidisciplinary company dedicated to crafting conceptual experiences, organizing large-scale events and concerts, designing exceptional installations, and delivering comprehensive branding solutions for experiential marketing campaigns. We are committed to partnering with our clients from ideation to execution, offering a full range of events and entertainment services tailored to meet the specific goals of each event. Our ultimate objective is to create immersive experiences that inspire actions and make a lasting impact.

  • We aim to establish a dominant presence in the regional events industry and extend our reach into new markets.
  • Elevate the events scene and diversify the range of entertainment offerings in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • Planning & Management:

    Strategic planning and effective management are the foundation of our operations. We take great care in planning every detail of our events, starting from concept to design & development to final execution, to ensure flawless execution and optimal outcomes. Our knowledge approach to management and planning enables us to anticipate potential challenges, mitigate risks, and maximize efficiency throughout the entire event lifecycle.


    Cooperation lies at the heart of our planning & operations. We approach every collaboration with openness and respect, leveraging the diverse expertise and perspectives of all involved parties to achieve shared objectives. We recognize that cooperation is vital to our success, and fostering a spirit of collaboration within our team, clients, and partners has allowed us to reach greater heights and deliver unparalleled experiences.


    We embrace challenges with resilience and determination. Every project is approached with unwavering persistence, serving as our driving force to overcome obstacles and deliver the best outcomes for our clients. Our dedication to perseverance also fuels continuous learning and improvement, enabling us to refine our processes and practices for continuous growth. Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, aspiring to be leaders at the forefront of the regional event industry.
  • At OCTA Events, we collaborate closely with our clients to design and plan experiential events, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas to create unforgettable moments. We take pride in collaborating with big corporations adding +1 unique experience to their events featuring the latest technologies in our entertainment shows and events. Our team has a keen understanding of evolving lifestyle trends to ensure that our events deeply reflect our target audiences.
    Our clients trusted us with a diverse range of event services including 3D projection mapping, holograms, and firework shows, designing experiential installations, organizing International live shows & performers, exhibition production and logistics, roadshows, and media events.


    Reason Behind the Name

    OCTA’s name comes from the Latin language for the number “8” symbolizing our belief that our events can go beyond the ordinary much like adding an extra day to the week. We strive to deliver exceptional experiences indicating the notion that OCTA equals +1 experience providing unforgettable memories to our clients and audience.

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